Thursday, February 14, 2008

News from Thailand

Apologies for no earlier posts. Within the first week, Sasha, our 3 year old came down with a nasty bout of food poisoning and was wiped out for about 5 days. It was terrible to see her in such pain but once she cleaned out her little body, she was back in action and has been fine since.
Aside from that, the trip has been wonderful. It is so great to be back after our nearly 2 years away. We have found some amazing new fabrics for the Monkey Beanz clothing line and have been working with our seamstresses on some new designs. Bee has been hard at work putting together some great Monkey Beanz clothes for boys so no one will feel left out! We saw some of the samples of the new clothes a couple of days ago and I am, once again, amazed at the talents of these women. They are able to take our ideas and sketches and create such perfect clothes - I love seeing the final product of a new design.
We have also been working on our diaper bag that is coming along nicely. We are making a few changes to the sample we created so that should be finished by the end of our trip as well.
We have a meeting set up with Nuung, one of the two main seamstresses we work with, for Saturday to see many more designs she has been working on. I will post again with a few sneak peak photos of some of the new stuff!