Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Packing for the hospital

Good Morning Bloggers!!!
I am one week away from my due date. I am so so excited. I am really trying to be prepared and have everything ready. The lack of energy that I have is a bit frustrating and holds me back a bit. I miss that second trimester energy. Nothing was out of place at my house.
SO my task for the last few days has been to get packed for the hospital. This is what I have so far
Mommy Bag
Comfy pants
Sweat Shirt
Thick socks
Nursing Bra
Items to shower with
Lip balm
A blanket my grandmother made me to use for nursing
Still need to pack

Baby bag  I used my new Monkey Beanz Diaper bag. Mine is the second one in the green one.
2 Onesies
2 Outfits
Warm outside suit. (It is very cold in January in Maine)

This is all I have packed... is there anything you think I might be missing?? What did you wish you had packed or was happy that you had packed?? Was there something that saved the day?? Help this first time mommy!!!!
That is it for me time to go get this house in order...
Peace Love and Fair TRADE!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Stuff!!!

Hello All!! So sorry I missed you last week. My hands were so swollen I could barely type. I am 2 1/2 weeks away from my due date!!! I am so so excited!!!!

Monkey Beanz has really been expanding. If you are looking for gift ideas here are a few gift sets that we have put together.

Baby Gift Set Includes: 1 Monkey Beanz mobile (your choice of style), 1 pair of luxurious fair trade baby booties and a fair trade chocolate for Mama all presented in our Canvas Reusable Fair Trade Apple Tree Tote.

We also do a gift set for toddlers that is in the same bag that includes 1 Monkey Beanz toy (your choice of drum set or tool set), 1 pair of Monkey Beanz Thai fisherman pants (your choice of color) and a fair trade chocolate all presented in our Canvas Reusable Fair Trade Apple Tree Tote

This bag is my new personal favorite!!!

Okay last but not least... I just purchased these for our baby on the way...

I cannot wait for little Spencer or Lily to show these off!!! Check out http://www.monkeybeanz.com/ for more of our amazingly awesome Fair Trade products. We will also be posting even more items soon!!!!

Happy  Holidays to everyone!!! Be safe!!!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Open House ... Great Last Minute Gifts

Just a heads up for anyone in the Portland area looking for some great baby and mama gifts.  Check out the Holiday Open House at The Boutique at Maine Medical Center in Portland.  Trust me, this is not your average hospital gift shop.  I went in a couple of weeks ago to talk with the buyer about providing some Monkey Beanz product and was amazed at the feeling of the shop as soon as I walked through the door.  You feel like you are in a very upscale children's boutique and completely forget about the hospital bustle in the other side of the door.  Very easy to browse through and the staff is quite knowledgeable if you have any questions about what you might need.  Plus, the new buyer has expanded the inventory to include an increased number of local businesses like these beautiful organic slings made by Denise Jacobsohn of Slings and Baby Things and currently, a variety of Monkey Beanz fair trade infant mobiles which were already creating quite a stir in the shop when I dropped them off!

The Holiday Open House is tomorrow, Thursday, December 17th from 10-8.  Go take a peek, you won't regret it!

Friday, December 11, 2009

8 Days of Hannukah Fair Trade Deals!

Celebrate Hannukah Monkey Beanz style ... every day is a new deal!  That's right, eight days of fair trade deals ... we've got discounts, freebies, free shipping and more.  All you have to do is check back each day.  Or, if that feels like just a bit too much (as it would for me, so feel no shame!), sign up for the Monkey Beanz newsletter to get a heads up on the next day's deal.  You can also become a Facebook Fan or follow Monkey Beanz on Twitter to get updates about the deals.

So, without further ado, here is the info you want ...

Day 1 of Hannukah is about to end so hopefully you snagged your fair trade infant mobiles at 25% off!!

We will kick Day 2 off with an amazing freebie gift of choice when you buy either our baby or toddler fair trade gift sets which are such great gifts for baby showers, birthdays, holiday or just to have on hand because you know sooner or later there is going to be another baby gift to send out!  You will get the choice of our too cute recycled kids embellished journal or a set of fair trade recycled cotton gift wrapping paper.  Just add the gift set and freebie gift to your cart and enter day2deal in the coupon code form at checkout and the price of the journal or gift wrap will be knocked right out of there!  Ooh, doesn't that feel nice?!

Check it out and spread the word.  Not to toot my own horn but these gift sets rock.  The canvas totes are perfect for so many things.  I use mine for grocery trips, library outings, snacks, sippy cups, hats and mittens when the frigid morning air has warmed up a touch for a few lovely minutes.  And the fair trade goodies inside make a truly unique eco gift set.  From luxurious baby booties to Thai fisherman pants for kids, the Monkey Beanz Fair Trade gifts sets are a gift that will be appreciated by any parents you know.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Preggo Post time!!!! I am officially 35 1/2 weeks pregnant!!! A month to go..well I hope...
My venture this week, dealing with the idea of being a "stay at home" mommy. Money is so tight right now so the idea of me giving up my full time job as a bakery manager is really scary but staying home is very important to both of us. Thank goodness for Monkey Beanz or we would be in a lot more trouble. So here are a few money saving techniques my husband and I are doing...

1. Cloth Diapers: As I posted before we are going to be using cloth diapers
2. Breast Feeding
3. My husband and I have become bulk shoppers (this is hard for us, we are very much "foodies")
4. We will continue to have just one car
5. We have netflix so we can watch the instant view instead of renting or going to the movies
6. Using the library instead of buying the books we want to read
7. Only getting clothing at thrift stores (thank you to my friends for all of the hand me downs we have been recieving for Spencer/Lily
8. We started making our own cleaning products a long time ago, I love it!!!

I have faith in us!!!! I am open to any other money saving tips... bring it on ladies!!!

Oh and we finished our nursery finally!!!!

Have a great week everyone
Peace love and turtles

Thursday, December 3, 2009

More Ideas to Help Keep Kids Calm

As I've mentioned before, our 5 year old has a personality that leans towards the anxious side of life.  So I am always on the hunt for tools that I think might help her cope with some of those feelings and that might provide her with resources for the emotions throughout her life.

My latest brainstorm came today when I reconnected with a fellow Portland business owner.  I met Sarah last winter at one of the Boston Cultural Survival Fair Trade Bazaars where she was selling some of her amazing pottery.  After many months of wanting to get over to her shop here in Portland, I finally made it in today to look for some holiday gifts.

Her shop, Earth & Soul, is a lovely space showcasing her pottery as well as a variety of art from local and international artisans.  While I was chatting with Sarah, and her lovely 6 month old daughter falling asleep in her baby carrier, I asked about the pottery classes she teaches in the studio in the back of the shop.  I found out she offers classes for kids 5 and up. 

I immediately pictured Sasha pounding, molding, squishing the clay to form amazing shapes and figures.  For those of you who have never spent time around Sasha, she definitely got her daddy's artist genes.  She produces hundreds of drawings, stories and various creations every week.  She has taken art classes before and absolutely loved it but she has never experienced pottery (unless we broaden the term to include play doh).

Every kid loves playing in the mud, the feeling of that goop gushing through your fingers - it is so primal, brings out the caveman/woman/kid in all of us.  Since there are currently no classes in "How to Mush Muddy Goop into Art,"  I figured pottery class is the more civilized version.

My hopes for the class is it will take Sasha's natural artistic passion and give her a place to reach that primitive place inside to find some calm and nourish her inner worrier.  So I am so happy that I happened to step into Sarah's shop on this spring like Maine December day.  Thanks Sarah and I will report back on Sasha's pottery adventures once she settles into class after the new year.