Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Packing for the hospital

Good Morning Bloggers!!!
I am one week away from my due date. I am so so excited. I am really trying to be prepared and have everything ready. The lack of energy that I have is a bit frustrating and holds me back a bit. I miss that second trimester energy. Nothing was out of place at my house.
SO my task for the last few days has been to get packed for the hospital. This is what I have so far
Mommy Bag
Comfy pants
Sweat Shirt
Thick socks
Nursing Bra
Items to shower with
Lip balm
A blanket my grandmother made me to use for nursing
Still need to pack

Baby bag  I used my new Monkey Beanz Diaper bag. Mine is the second one in the green one.
2 Onesies
2 Outfits
Warm outside suit. (It is very cold in January in Maine)

This is all I have packed... is there anything you think I might be missing?? What did you wish you had packed or was happy that you had packed?? Was there something that saved the day?? Help this first time mommy!!!!
That is it for me time to go get this house in order...
Peace Love and Fair TRADE!!!


Jenny said...

Here's my tip for packing...do everything that you can in travel sizes. Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc. That way you can just toss it before you leave the hospital! Sooooo exciting! Can't wait to see pics!

Jenny said...

By the way, I have awards for you. Come get them before the baby comes!!

Nyki said...

what do you mean by awards??

Genny said...

Congratulations on being so close to your due date!

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