Monday, July 13, 2009


So here I am 14 weeks pregnant and loving it!!!! Well most days.... I AM still VERY tired but I no longer have food aversions, actually I want to eat everything!!!! I have been loving things that are salty, spicy, sweet, sour, fruity, cheesy.. well I think you get the idea.
It is amazing to me what a woman's body is capable of, we can grow a human life in our stomach THEN after our bodies morph into a birthing machine we are able to feed our baby...AMAZING!!!!! It could be that my hormones are just out of control but I get so emotional just thinking about it. I feel so lucky!!!!

I think about our baby all the time.. will it be a boy or a girl.. will he/she look like me or my husband... will he/she keep me up all night... and the biggest one.. will my baby be healthy!!!???
I think about everything I put in my mouth, everything I don't put in my mouth, I think about the pollution, the government.. yes the government.. will it get better or worse. What will my child have to deal with as an adult. AM I CRAZY!!?? IS THIS NORMAL!!??

One thing that I will be working on soon is the nursery!!! I will obviously be decorating it with our new nursery line that is coming out soon. Bee is in Thailand right now!!!! I love the idea of having a nursery that is just bright and colorful. I cannot wait to show everyone, it is just so different from anything else you have ever seen!!!!!!
OOHHH and just a reminder I am hosting a trunk show at my house in Falmouth on Thursday at 6, if you are able to come just email me and I will send you directions

That's it for me... Peace, love and pickles!!!!