Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Prepare for a Kodak Moment ...

Seriously, once you get these on your kids, bust out that camera and start shooting.  You will be ready for any childrens' photo contest that comes your way.  The kids will love them, mothers will covet them, fathers will ... well, they may just get a little confused at how to keep them up, but once they get it, they'll feel such parental pride, you can get some shots of dad with the kids too!

Now you ask yourself, "What could it be that this odd Monkey Beanz lady is blathering on about today?"
 Why, the 2010 Monkey Beanz summer Thai fisherman pants, of course!  Those of you who have experienced wearing your own grown up version of these traditional Thai pants know that it would be cruel to deny your own children the chance to experience the flowing soft goodness that comes with spending a hot summer day in the comfort of some fisherman pants.  Melodramatic, you say?  Perhaps, but they are pretty cotton pickin' (yup, I just typed cotton pickin' - gotta love the blogosphere) cute.  I kid you not, our new summer fabrics are about as close to naked as you can get.  Now, if your kids are anything like mine, they actually spend many a hot summer day stripping down to nothing but there does come a time when one has to leave the house and force some clothing onto our children. 

So stock up now, get some for you friends, family, have some spares around the house because, really, could anyone own too many Thai fisherman pants for their kids?  Just to clarify, yes, that is a rhetorical question but feel free to comment on anything else!!

DEAL ALERT!!  We've got to clear out the fall/winter fisherman pants to make room for these ... We'll be offering those at 20% off through April while supplies last.  Use Coupon Code: FISHERMAN20 at checkout.

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