Thursday, December 3, 2009

More Ideas to Help Keep Kids Calm

As I've mentioned before, our 5 year old has a personality that leans towards the anxious side of life.  So I am always on the hunt for tools that I think might help her cope with some of those feelings and that might provide her with resources for the emotions throughout her life.

My latest brainstorm came today when I reconnected with a fellow Portland business owner.  I met Sarah last winter at one of the Boston Cultural Survival Fair Trade Bazaars where she was selling some of her amazing pottery.  After many months of wanting to get over to her shop here in Portland, I finally made it in today to look for some holiday gifts.

Her shop, Earth & Soul, is a lovely space showcasing her pottery as well as a variety of art from local and international artisans.  While I was chatting with Sarah, and her lovely 6 month old daughter falling asleep in her baby carrier, I asked about the pottery classes she teaches in the studio in the back of the shop.  I found out she offers classes for kids 5 and up. 

I immediately pictured Sasha pounding, molding, squishing the clay to form amazing shapes and figures.  For those of you who have never spent time around Sasha, she definitely got her daddy's artist genes.  She produces hundreds of drawings, stories and various creations every week.  She has taken art classes before and absolutely loved it but she has never experienced pottery (unless we broaden the term to include play doh).

Every kid loves playing in the mud, the feeling of that goop gushing through your fingers - it is so primal, brings out the caveman/woman/kid in all of us.  Since there are currently no classes in "How to Mush Muddy Goop into Art,"  I figured pottery class is the more civilized version.

My hopes for the class is it will take Sasha's natural artistic passion and give her a place to reach that primitive place inside to find some calm and nourish her inner worrier.  So I am so happy that I happened to step into Sarah's shop on this spring like Maine December day.  Thanks Sarah and I will report back on Sasha's pottery adventures once she settles into class after the new year.

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