Monday, June 8, 2009


So as our followers know... I am pregnant!!! This is my first pregnancy. I recently had my first doctors visit and found out that I am 9 weeks!!!! It has been a trip so far... morning sickness..sleepiness... sensitivity to ALL smells... hormones...

All I want is pasta, Mexican and pizza... not good!!!! I just discovered Fish oil which has been great for me!!! I love it!!! Ginger has also been a very good friend to me.

Now about Monkey Beanz.. Julia and I have been hit with a burst of inspiration.... we have been working really hard on creating new products. Also we have the trunk show stuff ready to go so let us know if you are interested!!!! It is 10% off.

Well folks that is all for me today.. time to go scarf down some ginger tea!!!!
Peace love and pickles

Nyki Greene

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