Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Good Morning lovely people!!!! Happy labor day. The weather is perfect here in Maine.. some would say it is too cold.. NOT ME!! I love Fall so bring it on. We started on our nursery this week, so far we have a changing table, I cannot wait to have a baby shower and see the lovely things people get us.. I know I sound greedy, I can't help it!!!

I am very excited about Monkey Beanz. Julia and I are working very hard to make it a full time career for both of us. Here are a few of my goals.

1. Gain 3 more wholesale accounts this month (for this I have hit the road.. so far so good!!)
2. Become a regular blogger
3. Get creative with new ideas
4. Create a schedule for myself that would help me get more work done
5. Have an office for Julia and I by the middle of 2010, this is a distant future goal.
Well I will accept any advice from anyone.. no matter if it is good or bad..bring it on
Have a great Monday
Nyki Greene

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