Monday, August 31, 2009

How Quickly They Grow

So cliche and yet so true ... I can not believe how fast our girls have grown up.  This is the first year that both of them will be in some kind of school program and my belly is abuzz with butterflies about it.   Tomorrow we have not one but two open houses to go to in hopes of calming the fears of the little ones and big ones alike.  We'll start the morning at Marisa's preschool, an easier feat for the nerves as we've been part of that family for three years with Sasha.  Then onto the big one ... kindergarten!! Oh my - my baby is a school girl!!
Thursday will be the first day that I will drop them both off and have several hours with no one to care for and play with.  While I have big plans for productivity this school year, I have a hunch that this Thursday will be spent walking in circles around the house and a nagging feeling that I am missing something very important. 
While Sasha is pretty nervous about starting school (I think we have every book about starting kindergarten from all libraries in Southern Maine), I am so excited for her to start her journey.  It is so incredible as a parent to remember the day she was born and all we've gone through and think about all that she has ahead of her. 
This all reminds of a book we were given when Sasha was 2 that Sasha refers to as "the book that makes Mama cry."  Someday by Alison McGhee is a simple and moving written from a mother's perspective to her daughter about all her hopes and dreams for her little girl.  A wonderful book for the permanent collection and a great gift for any mother.
Well, now that I've gotten myself all sentimental on this Monday morning, its time to start one of our final summer lunches on the playset.  I'd love to hear some anecdotes from parents about starting school and how things are going for everyone as these first weeks of school get underway!

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