Thursday, March 4, 2010

I think I've turned the Twitter Corner

Twitter truly is a phenomenon in so many ways.  Beyond the fact that it is rapidly taking over the way our entire world communicates, it has this bizarre quality that I am now able to explain.  In less than 24 hours, Twitter has the ability to swing from being viewed by potential tweeple (I can not believe I just wrote that but stay with me, it proves my point) with confusion, curiosity, and a bit of disdain to becoming, at the very least, a staple of said tweeple's life, if not a diagnosable addiction.

Hello, my name is Julia and I'm a tweetaholic. ...

Wel,l okay, not quite but I can see the addiction in my near future.  Yesterday I was still dumbfounded by my Monkey Beanz twitter account (blatant plug for followers!).  After a weekend of reading some awesome info from some other mom entrepreneurs  (I'll be putting a post up soon with links included - these women are amazing!) about the beauty of Twitter, I decided to dive in and started following their advice.

Lo and behold, the smart business mamas are right!  I've downloaded my Tweetdeck to keep things organized, connected up with facebook and have already met some really cool people in just a couple of hours of tweeting and following.

It's official, I'm a convert.  Viewing tweets no longer makes me feel like I am reading a computer manual in Chinese ... the lightbulb has gone on!  Admittedly, I am still a touch wary of the Twitter language but give me a few months and I'll probably be tweeting, and retweeting, all my lovely tweeples.

If you're tweeting, follow Monkey Beanz and we can be tweeps!

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