Thursday, March 4, 2010

Indie Biz Chicks Strikes Again

I've been a follower/stalker of Crissy Herron of Indie Biz Chicks and her awesome advice and services for all us, well, indie biz chicks.  She's got great info on writing press releases, marketing your craft business, blogging and lots of other advice on the endless list of things that we business owners need to continue being business owners.

The best part is you get the wisdom from someone who may be wiser and savvier than you but remains down to earth and easy to understand and relate to.  Right up my mompreneur alley.

Crissy has recently put together The Year Long Marketing and Blogging Plan and it sounds like just what the doctor ordered.  An entire year of tips all at your fingertips ... anything that frees up time for other tasks is good news to me.  52 Marketing Ideas and 156 Blogging Ideas that you can implement and watch your business grow. 

That's a lot of goodness for $30.  Yup, Crissy is offering a pre-order price of the e-book for 30 bucks.  Even for those of us on a strict budget, that's pretty affordable, huh? Plus, she's offering a few of these babies for free to some lucky winners who tweet or blog about the book.  Share the love, you just may get one yourself!

Check it out and take a peek at her other services and info at Indie Biz Chicks while you're at it.  If you're starting or running a small business, you will almost definitely find something worth your time there. 

P.S.  For all you doubters out there, no, I make no money off you purchasing, signing up for, or doing anything else with Crissy or Indie Biz Chicks (other than the chance at my free e-book like everyone else)!!  I just really do think she seems like a great lady and I've found her services and tips useful in my struggles as a business owner.

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